Our Journey

A small team with big hearts, we work hard to be the best, have fun along the way and let the food do the talking!

Matthew Harris, Head Chef and Joint Managing Director - With over 25 years' experience, having worked across hotels in the New Forest and other renowned establishments such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, Matthew bases his culinary point of view on British classics. A career highlight, which spanned 11 years, was working as the Head Chef at Southampton Football Club and building the reputation of the Premier League Club as a destination dining venue in the South of England. Taking inspiration from the local bounty of the New Forest in Hampshire, Matthew's food is always well-crafted with diverse layering of flavours, colours and textures to offer clients and guests a memorable and satisfying bite whatever the special occasion.

"My proudest life moments are marrying my gorgeous, tall, talented wife Katie having two beautiful, creative and cunning daughters (future Ginger recruits) and finally creating a company from scratch to reflect my passion, enthusiasm and love for simply stunning and stimulating food"

Sally Elcoate, Events Manager and Joint Managing Director - The front of house specialist, adding a personal service to every event to create the best possible version, in a timely, professional and effortless manner, Sally ensures that great food remains at the heart of Ginger Catering. A fully fledged Events Manager with 17 years' experience working in award winning hotels and corporate business establishments including Southampton Football Club - where Sally met business partner Matthew! When she is not busy running around after the Ginger team delivering hampers and orchestrating tea parties, canapé do's, weddings she embraces her local area.

"I am in love with the outdoors! I am an enthusiastic mountain trail biker, I love seasonal foraging and the challenge of making a half decent meal from very little. I enjoy being out on the Solent in all seasons fishing or boating & early morning forest runs"

Why the name Ginger?

Ginger is renowned to be good for you, it's one of the few spices that is incredibly versatile in both sweet and savoury dishes and can be described as fresh on the palette before making a huge impact of hot, spicy, loveliness!

Ginger is also associated with many of the greats - some of our biggest personalities are fiery redheads, it's in our Royal family and even the next James Bond is rumoured to be ginger…

It also happens to be the beautiful hair colour of our very own Sally, along with Matt's Dad who is fondly known as Ginger, although his hair is mainly grey these days!

So, all in all we love a bit of Ginger, here at Ginger! Why call ourselves anything else?